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I have been a Truck Driver for pert' near going on 25 years now. I have driven OTR and liked seeing the country. But now I drive local delivering air freight and I love that even better!! I am now home at night with the misses and the kids and I'm not sleeping in a cab or a motel room; but sleeping in my own bed!!! Below I have found some pages on this here internet for all my fellow Truckers. Most of theses I have read personally or seen first hand. If you love Trucking you'll love most of these. Enjoy!!!
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Overdrive Online Trucking Info Truck Net Road King
Trucker Helper The Truckers Page Best Driver Jobs
Work Truck Speeding Ticket. Com Trucker Glossary Badger Outlaw
Virtual Hitching Post Trucker Jokes Something For Stevie
Truckin' Fla.
Candy's Place

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